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Miniaturized Real-Time PCR systems for SARS-CoV-2 detection at the Point-of-Care

VitaPCR™ RT-PCR test reaches sensitivity and specificity close to 100% (99,3% and 94,7%, respectively). With this 1.2 kg device, the test is simple and fast, obtaining results in 20 min like in the rapid antigen tests. The assay evaluates three gene targets: N gene of the viral nucleocapsid, a conserved gene sequence among Coronaviruses, and the beta globin gene as a control to assess the DNA quality after the extraction. The amount of sample needed from a nasopharyngeal swab is 30 µL which will be released into a lysis buffer and analyzed with ready-to-use reagents stored at room temperature. Lysis and extraction of nucleic acids are performed in a single solution. This step guarantees sensitivity levels comparable to a laboratory test. The test is based on multicolored fluorescence detection and the device can be used up to 4 channels maximum.”



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