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Who We Are

About Us

Today, doctors face the delicate challenge of making accurate diagnoses daily. However, the tools currently available to them are far from perfect. Medical practitioners often find themselves having to compromise between performance and convenience.

Since 2011, Credo Diagnostics has been researching and developing revolutionary diagnostic technologies. Our mission is to create, manufacture, and commercialize accurate, rapid, and affordable molecular diagnostic platforms that can be used at Point-of-Care.

We understand the importance of simplifying processes and speeding up diagnostic turnaround times, all while keeping costs low and ensuring the highest level of accuracy. That’s why we provide innovative solutions for diagnosis in the field of Human Health.

As a diagnostic company, we believe we have a moral responsibility and duty to doctors and patients. We strive to provide effective and rapid Point-of-Care Molecular Diagnostics that will redefine healthcare and revolutionize human clinical management.

Credo Diagnostics is committed to improving the tools available to doctors, enabling them to make more accurate diagnoses efficiently and affordably. We are dedicated to advancing healthcare through our innovative molecular diagnostic platforms, ultimately enhancing patient care and outcomes.

The Race For Flu Test Kits | VenturePreneurs | Full Episode

In 2020, Credo Biomedical debuted its rapid flu test in the international arena. This series looks at the challenges that fledgling ventures face if they choose to go global and why some companies take the leap. Follow the founders of each company as they navigate key goals and examine whether they succeed in meeting the real-time challenges of product development and sales that they set for themselves. Click thumbnail to watch.

Our Partners

Asia Regulatory Professionals Association (partner since 2021)

Asia Regulatory Professionals Association(“ARPA”) was established on January 1st, 2010. The association boasts a membership of approximately 5,600 professionals from around the globe. ARPA provides an unparalleled platform for regulatory professionals and related fields to cultivate their business networks and enhance their regulatory competencies through its online community, comprehensive textbooks and resources, and a wide array of face-to-face networking events, workshops, and training sessions.

ARPA’s visionary Founder, Jack Wong, has emphasised the association’s mission to ensure that all Medtech companies possess a competent regulatory affairs (RA) department. In line with this mission, ARPA is delighted to collaborate with Credo Diagnostics Biomedical in establishing an IVD/RA/QA Chapter. This partnership aims to elevate regulatory standards through diverse projects encompassing training, communication, intelligence, and strategy.

“This partnership serves not only to raise the standards of our own RA Team but also provides a chance for Credo Diagnostics Biomedical to be part of ARPA’s mission to raise the standard and social recognition of Regulatory Professionals as part of the Healthcare Team”, Dr Wong Jr. Winston, Chairman, and CEO of Credo Diagnostics Biomedical.

Our Reach

Making a positive impact on the lives of billions of people around the globe


Credo is committed to diversity and inclusion, offering a respectful work environment free from discrimination and harassment; promoting individuals based on their merits, regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, nationality, disability, ethnic background, gender identity or sexual orientation.