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A Rapid and Precise Diagnostic Test for the Detection of Calivirus in Cats


Feline Calicivirus is widespread among cat populations. Prevalence is especially high in cats kept in large population. The virus is transmitted mainly by direct contact through oral, nasal and conjunctival route. Cats recovered from the disease can continuously shed the virus for up to 30 days. The clinical signs of Feline Calicivirus include:

  • Oral ulcer
  • Upper respiratory signs
  • High fever
  • Chronic stomatitis


Recently, a highly virulent Feline Calicivirus strain, VS-FCV, has been reported in Europe and USA. Although rare, it can cause systemic clinical signs and high mortality.


Feline Calicivirus Infection can be detected by PCR in samples of oral and ocular swabs. Diagnosis of the disease relies on virus detection along with clinical signs. QubeMDx provides diagnostic solution for clinicians to detect Feline Calicivirus at the point-of-care, leveraging the power of diagnosis in infectious disease management and prevention.


Intensive care should be given to severely affected cats. Food intake is extremely important in cats being anorexic because of pyrexia and oral ulcer. Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs and immuno-modulatory drugs can be considered to ease the symptoms. For cats with severe stomatitis and gingivitis, more effort should be made to manage if it becomes chronic condition.







Using a proprietary Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology, the QubeMDx performs the detection of CANINE PARVOVIRUS in only 15 minutes.


The QubeMDx is a real Point-of-Care solution that empowers the veterinarian with the right information, at the right time, so they can make the right decision and provide the best course of treatment for the animal.


  • Instant Detection of CPV2
  • High Accuracy and Specificity
  • Shorter Turnaround Time
  • No Refrigeration needed
  • Faster Medical Decision
  • One Diagnostic, One Treatment, Same visit

solution advantages



Fast : 15 minutes to result

Read the results, provide a diagnosis, and start the treatment within the same visit.


Accuracy comparable to reference laboratory tests for a more confident diagnosis.

Cost Effective

Only a fraction of the price of current solutions to save money with each test with affordable reagents.

User Friendly

Simplified sample preparation, intuitive interface, and easy to read results to reduce training time and increase confidence.


Simplified sample preparation, intuitive interface, and easy to read results to reduce training time and increase confidence.









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