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A Rapid and Accurate Diagnostic Test for Strep A Detection at the Point-of-Care

Group A Streptococcus (GAS) is the cause of several human infectious diseases, ranging from minor illnesses to deadly diseases. The infection usually starts from the throat, tonsils, or skin, and it occurs more commonly in children than adults. The conventional detection methods of GAS infection include rapid antigen testing or throat culture. A throat culture is more sensitive than rapid tests, but its long turnaround time makes it difficult to provide clinicians with a timely diagnosis. Therefore, to help clinicians for better antimicrobial stewardship, fast and accurate testing for GAS detection is needed, which also prevents the spread of the disease and further complications like rheumatic fever.


VitaPCR™: Accurate Diagnostics, Whenever and Wherever You Need It.

Combining a simplified 1 minute hands-on time procedure to ensure seamless integration into practitioners’ workflow, a compact and reliable design without the need of extra equipment like refrigeration, and a proprietary RT-PCR technology allowing fast and accurate diagnostics; VitaPCR™ allows the detection of Streptococcus pyogenes in 20 minutes from sample to results, at the Point-of-Care.


VitaPCR™ empowers practitioners with the right information at the right time to make the right decision and provide the right course of treatment to the patients.

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Minimal Training Required


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Room Temperature Storage



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High Accuracy


Short Turnaround Time


Intuitive result interpretation with
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Intuitive Result Interpretation


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 VitaPCR Strep A Assay



VitaPCR™ Strep A Assay
Catalog No. PCRAE0107
Technology RT-PCR
Targets spy1258 gene
Quantity 20 tests/box
Sample Types Oropharyngeal or Throat swabs
Hands-on Time < 1 min
Turnaround Time 20 mins
Kit Storage 5 - 25 °C / 41 - 77 °F




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