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Dr Carol Tan MAH e1497854621615            

Present Appointment:

Specialist, Geriatric Medicine
Medical Director, The Good Life Co-operative 

Academic Qualifications:

MBBS (Adelaide),
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh),
Fellow Academy of Medicine (Singapore)  



Dr Tan is a geriatrician by training. She has been involved in direct patient care across the entire continuum including acute hospitals as well as in the intermediate and long term care sector. She has also been active in the development of geriatric medicine services in Singapore where she headed Geriatric Medicine units in both Changi General Hospital and Singapore General Hospital.


As a policy maker, she was with the Ministry of Health, Singapore and held concurrent appointments in the Epidemiology and Disease Control, Integrated Health Services and Health Finance Divisions. She served as Deputy Director (Elderly and Disability Policy), Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports and worked on the Prime Minster Office (Ageing) portfolio. Under the Ageing Portfolio, she developed the Wellness Programme, a national programme to promote Active Ageing. She was part of the government led Ministerial Committee for Ageing team adopting Whole of government approach to ageing that included the built environment, housing, transport, health and social services. Her involvement as a policy maker included policy planning, service development, financing and licensing, regulation.


She was also instrumental in the setting up of the Office of Public Guardian under then Ministry of Community Youth and Sports (Now Ministry of Social and Family Development) working with many stakeholders to protect vulnerable seniors across the health-social-legal continuum.


Dr Tan was actively leading and involved in the licensing, setting up of standards as well as in the financing framework for community services including nursing homes, community hospitals, day care centres, day rehabilitation and home help services.


Her interests are in developing a person-centred, whole life, integrated, multidisciplinary, evidence based approach in the area of health and social care provision incorporating both the clinician as well as administrative, policy planning perspectives. She is especially interested in promoting public-private- people sector collaboration facilitating a whole government, all people approach to longevity.


The impact of an ageing population on health, service provision and standards as well as financing schemes is also areas that Dr Tan has been actively involved in and she has been active in advocating for better healthcare coverage, insurance to ensure affordability for all. She is currently spearheading Active Ageing Programmes through The Good Life Co-operative that partners seniors and their families and include health screening, risk assessment, health literacy and follow-up programmes for the middle agers. 


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