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The PureXon is a bench-top, fully automated system for ultra-rapid, and ultra-pure nucleic acid extraction.


Based on a proprietary magnetic nanoparticles extraction technology, it performs the complete nucleic acid extraction of 6 samples in only 15 minutes from a variety of samples.


Combining small footprint, an extensive DNA extraction menu from a wide variety of samples, an  intuitive user interface, and a sample throughput from 1 to 6 samples simultaneously, the PureXon meets all the nucleic acid extraction needs from small to medium size laboratories.

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Easy to Use

The intuitive touchscreen user interface and built-in protocols reduces considerably the training requirements and operator’s errors.

Time Saving

The fastest fully automated extractor on the market. Process Up to 6 samples simultaneously in 15 minutes only. 


The independent temperature control modules ensure the stability and purification of nucleic acid extract from a variety of sample type.


The pre-filled reagent cartridges system and dedicated lanes for each sample, effectively remove risks of cross-contamination.






Product NameSample TypeSample Input Volume
Whole blood DNA extraction kit Whole blood 30 - 400 ul
Tissue blood DNA extraction kit Animal tissue 30 - 400 ul
Virus DNA extraction kit Serum, plasma 30 - 400 ul
Virus RNA extraction kit Serum, plasma 30 - 400 ul
Pathogen DNA extraction kit Bacteria culture, clinical transport media 30 - 400 ul
Circulating cfDNA extraction kit Serum, plasma 200 - 1000 ul
Blood RNA extraction kit Whole blood 200 - 400 ul
Tissue RNA extraction kit Animal tissue 200 - 400 ul
FFPET DNA extraction kit FFPET section 100 - 400 ul




Instrument Specifications
Height 60 cm / 23.62”
Width 60 cm / 23.62”
Depth 50 cm / 19.68”
Weight 55 kg
Screen 7” touchscreen
Heater 2 heated plates
Processing volume 30 - 500 ul
Number of proccessing sample  1 - 6 samples
Main power supply 100 - 220V AC, 10A




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